Grass Track 15th June 2014 Results

A great day of sport at West Suffolk Wheelers and Triathlon Club’s Grass Track at Fornham All Saints .

18 Senior riders, 32 juveniles and 7 youngsters on freewheel bikes.

Results as follows:

National short distance Series 800m

1. Andrew Leverton VC Raphael

2. Lewis Meadows Cottingham Coureurs

3. Nicholas Barnes

4. Jack Duffy Cottingham Coureurs

5. Joe Clarke Fenland Clarion

6. Graham Collins Ipswich Bike Club

National 8k Series

1. Richard Meadows Cottingham Coureurs

2. Nicholas Barnes

3. Joe Clarke

4. Graham Collins

5. Jack Duffy

6. Simon Daw Sudbury & DCC

2 Lap Seniors

1. Andrew Leverton

2. Lewis Meadows

3. Nicholas Barnes

Senior Devil (Elimination Race)

1. Nicholas Barnes

2. Richard Meadows

3. Joe Clarke

Senior Win and Out

1. Nicholas Barnes

2. Peter Clements Mildenhall CC

3. Andrew Whelan Elmy Cycles


1. Andrew Whelan/Graham Collins

2. Peter Clements/Matt Cook Mildenhall CC

3. Joseph Warren/James Jackson Colchester Rovers

Under 16 Omnium

1. James Jackson

2. Oliver Woolsey CC Ashwell

3. Henry Skelding CC Ashwell

Under 14 Omnium

1. Gareth Lewis CC Ashwell

2. Sam Asker West Suffolk Whs & T

3. Conor Humphrey CC Ashwell

Under 12 Omnium

1. Dexter Mansell-Thomas Colchester Rovers

2= Adam Lightfoot CC Ashwell

2= Harley Pell CC Ashwell

Under 10 Omnium

1. Mark Lightfoot CC Ashwell

2= Nathan Hardy CC Ashwell

2= Jodie Taylor Colchester Rovers cc

Under 8 Omnium

1. Samuel Quiggan CC Ashwell

2. Harley Gregory West Suffolk Whs & TC

3. Bradley Taylor Colchester Rovers

With thanks to all the officials and helpers on the day and prior.

Also well done to the WSW riders who put up a good show, namely David Young, Matt and Sam Asker, Oliver Griggs, Harley and Nicole Gregory and the freewheelers Fraser Gregory, Victoria Asker, Casper Gray and Lucinda Tate.

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