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Evening Time Trial Series Guide

Evening Time Trial Series Guide

This section contains all information necessary to compete in the West Suffolk Wheelers Time Trial series. The rules and regulations below apply.

Please arrive early - sign on closes 10 minutes before the first rider

New Riders

The club evening TT series is a great introduction to racing. It's friendly and competitive but you don't need a fancy bike or a pointy helmet to take part. Just come along and have fun.

  • To compete, sign on at least 10 minutes before the race, paying your entry fee (see below).
  • You will be given a start number; riders start in 1 minute intervals in number order. Rider number 1 starts at the advertised start time (typically 18:45)
  • Each rider is held at the start so they can clip in their pedals. You will receive a 30 second warning, then a countdown from 10.
  • Ride as fast as you can! It is important to familiarise yourself with the course in advance and course maps are available here
  • Once every rider has finished results will be posted on a board

Entry fees

Entry fees for the club events are as follows:

  • WSW Members Seniors: £3
  • Juniors and Juveniles: Free (minimum age 12 yrs - Under 14s must be chaperoned)
  • Guest riders from CTT affiliated clubs: £3.00
  • Riders who are neither a WSW member or a member of a CTT affiliated club can have a single event club membership: £1 + £3 event entry fee


  • All Club Time Trials are run under the rules and regulations of Cycling Time Trials as published in the current C.T.T. Handbook
  • U-turns will not be permitted on courses or roads adjacent to Start and Finish areas while an event is in progress
    • Any breaking of this Regulation in the first case may mean disqualification from the event. Further cases will be referred to the CTT District Committee.
    • A U-turn is defined as 180 degree turn completed within the width of the carriageway whilst astride the machine.
    • It is recommended that the rider(s) should dismount, check the road is clear in both directions, then with machine, walk across the road
  • Proper hard shell helmets (that meets an internationally accepted safety standard) must be worn.
  • For your own safety front and rear LED working lights are compulsory
  • Hi-Vis jackets must be worn by marshalls and time keepers
  • Any observations of riders not adhering to these rules must be made immediately to the Time Keeper or their Assistant before the times are announced at the end of the event
  • Disturbing/distracting the finishing timekeeper will not be tolerated – asking what time you did will make your result magically disappear….

Collard Shield & Evening Points Competition

All Thursday evening events count (except for the interclub). Only your best 18 performances or less to count for these competitions.

Collard Shield

1 Point for starting

2 Points more for finishing

3 Points more for best time ever on this course

3 points more for best ever “10” time on our evening “10”courses

Maximum score per event 9 points

A rider competing on a course for the first time can only score a maximum of 6 points

A member undertaking timekeeping/ marshalling or pushing off duties will receive 3 points.  Your name and duty must appear on the start sheet to obtain these points.

Evening Points Competition

1) The points awarded for each event as follows:

30 points for 1st,  25 for 2nd,  22 for 3rd,  19 for 4th,  16 for 5th,  14 for 6th,

13 for 7th,  down to 1 point for 19th.

2) Where a non 1st claim rider appears in the finishing order above a West Suffolk Wheeler 1st claim rider , the following riders will move up one place.

3) The highest placed female in this competition will receive the Millennium Trophy.

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About the West Suffolk Wheelers
  • The West Suffolk Wheelers cycling club was formed in 1922 and is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. We have a good cross-section of cycling on offer to welcome new and experienced cyclists alike. If you wish to learn bike handling skills for on and/or off-road cycling our members have the knowledge and experience to teach you. The Club is proud of it's development work with young people, and we have coaches to guide new cyclists in their training. We are active in all areas of cycling including: Road Racing, Time Trials, Track Racing, Club Runs,Touring, Audax, Sportive, Mountain Biking and Cyclo-cross. Members also compete in triathlon competitions; the Club is recently affiliated to Triathlon England, and new triathlete members are welcomed

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